The company needed to complete a complex migration on a tight deadline to avoid millions of dollars in post-contract fess and fines.

Optimizing Operations: A Fintech Case Study on Salesforce CRM Integration

Industry: Fintech


Our client is a FinTech company that offers small business loans and services. Their goal is to provide access to the best short and long-term loans, as well as business lines of credit. The company uses advanced technology and a customer-centric approach to redefine traditional lending models. They provide innovative solutions customized to the specific needs of small and medium-sized businesses. The company prioritizes transparency, affordability, and inclusivity.

Client needs

The client had been utilizing a custom-built lead management system (LMS) for lead generation, facing challenges such as limited scalability, high costs, and resource alignment efforts. Seeking a more efficient solution to support their ambitious growth plans while maintaining a customer-centric approach, they opted to transition to Salesforce CRM. Given their team’s lack of previous experience with Salesforce, they partnered with WAW to ensure a smooth rollout of the solution.

The Challenge

Our team of Salesforce experts has identified several hurdles in the client’s current system. These hurdles include tightly coupled code, weak validations, inadequate support services, and scalability limitations. To address these issues and enhance the merchant services workflow, we proposed transitioning their current Loan Management System (LMS) with Salesforce CRM.

However, the challenge was to ensure a seamless transfer of data across all subsystems without disrupting ongoing operations. We faced some difficulties in coordinating with external partners to receive leads in their LMS, which proved to be a cumbersome task. Also, managing commissions for sales reps and partners for closed deals was a challenge. Furthermore, lead assignment suffered due to the high volume of daily leads.



Our team of CRM integration professionals collaborated closely with the client to develop a tailored solution addressing their specific needs:

Salesforce CRM Implementation: We implemented Salesforce CRM and aligned it with the fintech company’s unique business processes and objectives to ensure seamless integration with their existing infrastructure. 

Incentivization: To motivate sales executives, we managed both monetary and behavioral incentivization through Salesforce Channel Incentive Management. The incentives ecosystem is purpose-built to differentiate between intrinsic and extrinsic incentives and to drive optimized merchant partner attainment, overall sales performance, and the organization’s bottom line.

Process Modularity: We developed several modules or sub-applications on Salesforce for Sales, Sales Leadership, Opportunity Management, Issue Tracking, and On-field processes. Each team is assigned various components of the lead journey, the approval mechanism, and the machine dispatch works on various custom modules tailored to streamline each function.

Data Migration and Cleansing: To consolidate customer information from disparate sources into Salesforce and eliminate duplicates, we conducted a comprehensive data audit, cleansing, and migration process.

Workflow Automation: We designed and implemented streamlined workflows for lead management, opportunity tracking, and customer service using Salesforce’s automation capabilities, reducing manual tasks and improving operational efficiency.

Partner Portal and API Integration: We implemented a partner portal for external partners to submit leads, which was integrated with Salesforce via APIs, enhancing revenue generation opportunities. 

Commission Calculation and Lead Assignment Lightning Component: We automated commission calculation for sales and partner reps, along with a custom Lightning component for round-robin lead assignment based on sales availability, significantly improving lead conversion rates.

User Training and Support: We conducted extensive training sessions for the client’s staff to ensure proficiency in using Salesforce CRM, with ongoing support and guidance to maximize user adoption and effectiveness.

Results Achieved

The implementation of Salesforce CRM integration yielded significant results for the fintech company:

Centralized Data: Consolidated customer data within Salesforce provided a unified view of client interactions, enabling personalized engagement and targeted marketing campaigns.

Improved Efficiency: Automation of key processes reduced manual effort and improved productivity across sales, marketing, and customer service teams, resulting in faster response times and increased customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Scalability: Salesforce’s scalable architecture allowed seamless accommodation of the company’s growing business needs, without compromising performance or reliability.

Increased Revenue: Better insights into customer preferences and behavior facilitated identification of new sales opportunities, optimization of the sales pipeline, and revenue growth.

Strategic Decision-Making: Advanced reporting and analytics empowered the leadership team to gain deeper insights into market trends, customer segmentation, and business performance, enabling more informed decision-making and strategic planning.